Stock Zest

How to make maximum out of Stock Zest levels?

  • Every day between 9:15 am to 9:30 am Trade levels are given.
  • Do not enter the trade immediately when the levels are triggered. Wait for prices to stabilise Above the levels for BUY and Below the level for SELL trade.
  • Enter Stop Loss mentioned in the STOCK ZEST level sheet once you enter the trade.
  • Once the price moves in the direction of trade and crosses Target 1, move the Stop Loss to your cost price or as per your comfort.
  • On usual trade days, once Maximum Target is achieved, exit the trade. If prices hover beyond maximum target given in the sheet, huge trade is expected in that direction.
  • For better accuracy and practical considerations, use either RSI or any other indicator you feel comfortable along with STOCK ZEST LEVELS.
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